Reading: Kafka Gothic and Fairytale

Bridgewater’s Kafka Gothic and Fairytale is an analysis of Kafka and his literary works. Bridgewater explains how Kafka is extremely gothic. He points on that by using various traditional gothic tropes and themes to express his inherent personal obstacles and issues, Kafka sets an obvious gothic tone for himself. His works aren’t always filled with the typical scary gothic castle and darkness, the ever-present monster, and the general creepy images that come to mind with the gothic. However, the characters are always doomed. Whether it be by insanity, death, hopelessness, the character always seems to be doomed. In the Judgement there is tyranny and depression- anxieties Kafka was dealing with himself. In the castle K. is in the irrational pursuit of finding the castle but consistently fails in his mission, this can relate to an authors struggle to be successful and accepted for their beliefs.  Kafka gives us a look at a different kind of Gothic, one that may not be as obvious at the traditional. Doom and despair are his foundations and he delivers them in true gothic fashion. His characters essentially go crazy or die. 


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